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We’ve received tremendous response to our Make Your Own Hammock Workshops and look forward to seeing many of you at our shop this spring/summer.  At The Bay Hammock Company we specialize in making custom hammocks so you can customize yours to suit the spot where it is to hang:

  1. Choose a place to hang the finished hammock, it may be between two trees, on your patio or deck, or maybe in a family room or sun porch. Measure the length of space carefully – to make a standard size hammock you will need at least 12′. You could shorten the hammock to a minimum space of 8 1/2′. Just be sure to measure carefully from hanging point to hanging point before you come to make your hammock.
  2. Also check the width of the space you are planning to use. Our standard hammocks come in three widths: 48″, 54″, and 60″. If need be you could make a one as narrow as 36″ or as wide as 65″ but be sure to call us before you come so we can have the proper size spreader bars ready for you.
  3. Another option is to make a hammock with only one spreader bar – it will be 54″ wide at the end where the spreader bar is and then narrow down to a few inches. The advantage of this hammock it that you can hang the narrow end in a corner, saving a lot of space. Another advantage is that the hammock is very stable – the end where you put your head is spread out so the hammock does not close in around your face, then it hugs your body gently as it narrows towards your feet.
  4. The last option is to make a Yucatan-style hammock, These have no spreader bars and can fit easily into a lot of spots too narrow for the other styles. The disadvantage of the Yucatan-style is that it takes a lot of rope and you will need to do a lot of weaving. Our team gets very tired when they first start to make Yucatan hammocks.
Yucatan-style Rope Hammock

Yucatan-style Rope Hammock

Single Spreader Bar Hammock

Single Spreader Bar Hammock

Regular Rope Hammock

Regular Rope Hammock


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Make Your Own Hammock

Hammock Making Workshop:

We have a lot of fun making hammocks here at Bay Hammocks and thought you might like to join us. Lots of people call wanting to purchase a hammock making kit but we think that it is not very practical to make a hammock yourself without proper assistance. Instead, we are offering you the opportunity to visit our workshop and make your hammock under the watchful eye of Lynn Sallans, our Master Hammock Maker.

There are three choices you can make:

If you want to come by yourself to learn, call us and book and appointment. We will schedule a time that Lynn is working and is convenient for you.


You can take a chance and simply drop in on the chance Lynn is working, she does take the odd day off :-), and we will get you set up and away you go.


get a small group (up to 10) together and call to book a time.

Cost – We recommend you make an EarthFriendly or Nylon Hammock. After all, if you are doing the work you want the best available. It will cost you the price of the hammock you choose to make and you may want to purchase some accessories to go with it – a pillow, hanging kit, magazine holder, etc.

How it works:

The following steps will be done when for you:

  • Rope will be made
  • Spreader bars will be drilled and finished
  • Rope will be measured and on a shuttle
  • Your loom will be set up

What you do:

  • Weave the hammock bed
  • Make the hanging harness
  • Tie the hanging harness to the hammock bed through the spreader bars

And Volia! You have made a hammock.

Visit our workshop to see the hammock making process.

Watch a video.

View our rope hammocks

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