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This letter to the editor appeared in today’s Halifax Herald:
Maritime warmth

My sister, Lois Young, and I travelled to Mahone Bay to spend this past Christ­mas with our sister Connie Dea. De­spite the storm warnings as Jan. 1 ap­proached, we stuck with our plan and boarded the bus to Halifax on New Year’s Day. Arriving at the terminal, we quickly observed there were NO cabs.
Trying to manage six pieces of lug­gage between us, we made the slow walk along Terminal Road and on to a very snow-covered Lower Water Street. We could almost see our hotel just past the Market – not far.

In the distance, we saw a snowplow approaching. At least one side of the street would be a bit easier to walk on. A few minutes later, the plow returned to clear the other side of the street.

“Where are you gals headed? Are you OK to manage all that luggage?” the young driver asked us. We explained we were halfway there and could make it, to which he replied, “OK then, I will clear the way for you. Follow me” – and he was off in the blizzard with his warm and caring Maritime manner.

I miss Halifax!

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