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If you decide to place a hammock in your flower garden the question then is, how do you hang it? I plan to have two posts installed in cement and plant climbing or trailing flowers to cover them.

Another option is a hammock stand. Most hammock stands require no tools to assemble and are fairly light weight so you can move them around your patio, deck or garden. Hammock stands are quite large (about 15′ long and 5′ wide at the base) so you will require a fair amount of space. If you live in a climate where winter is a factor be sure your hammock stand is situated so you can disassemble it for storage – no permanent vines or shrubs around it.
If you have two trees a suitable distance apart (which seems unlikely in a flower garden) you should use a tree friendly hanging kit. It is simple to install and quite versatile in that your trees can be up to 17′ apart. Be sure the trees are strong enough to handle the weight.

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Why we at The Bay Hammock Company love living and doing business in Nova Scotia:

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