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I find shopping a tricky business these days. One wants to make the budget stretch as far as possible and yet get good quality merchandise that will last. The question is, how does one judge good value? I love to cook and I know how we judge good food – quality ingredients, careful, on premise preparation and pleasing presentation guarantee a great end product. So this is what I look for when I shop:

  • What has been used in the making of the product, were good quality ingredients used. How was it made – does it appear to be well crafted and carry a good guarantee.
  • Where was it made. Do I know who made it (my preference). Can I find someone to talk to if I have a problem.
  • Have the people who made it been treated fairly. I find it difficult to enjoy anything that I feel an under-paid, mistreated person made.
  • Does it look good, have all edges been finished, no dents, bangs, hanging threads, etc.
  • And lastly, will owning it make my life better and involve very little work on my part?

If a product meets these standards and is at a price I feel is fair then I will buy it. And 99% of the time I am happy with my purchase. So we try to apply these principles to the products we make at the Bay Hammock Company.

  • We purchase high quality materials to make our hammocks – products we know will stand up to the Canadian weather.
  • Each hammock is made by hand by skilled, well paid artisans who take pride in their work and the hammocks we make.
  • We stand behind our products with a 5 year guarantee on most.
  • Our hammocks are made in Seabright Nova Scotia, Canada. You can call us at 1.888.820.3045 and chat with Arch, the owner, or Lynn, our master hammock maker.
  • Each hammock is carefully finished and tested (we love that part of our job) before it is packaged and shipped to you.
  • If, like us, you are lucky enough to live in Nova Scotia, you can drop in and test the hammock yourself before you buy.
  • And of course, owning a Bay Hammocks hammock will make your life better. How could it not?

Which hammock or hammock swing is right for you? Well that depends.

  • If only the best will do you want a handmade nylon hammock or hammock swing. These hammocks are soft as silk yet very tough. They do require a bit of care though.
  • If you are concerned about the environment consider an EarthFriendly hammock or hammock swing – It is made of recycled plastic (mostly soft drink bottles).
  • Our olefin hammocks look great and are tough as nails and a little lower price than the nylon.
  • And finally, our net hammock or hammock swing – It is made with sports net and is really good value if you have children or want to use it at the cottage or camping. It requires very little care and will last for years. The one in the picture at the top of this blog has been hanging in place for 4 years – usually it is put away in December and is rehung in April but it has seen its share of snow and ice.

Ask yourself, would you trust this family’s or your family’s safety to a cheap, badly made hammock?

eco friendly hammock

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Arch is busy these days making videos about our hammocks. Here is a link to the latest one. Ir will appear on our main page sometime soon. In the meantime, click on hammock video to see a preview.

On another front, lobster fishing season opened in our area two days ago. This means we lose some of our hammock weavers until after Christmas. Don’t worry though, we have lots of hammocks in stock and, if we need a special size, Lynn is always here to make it for you.

The good thing about lobster season opening is that we have lots of fresh lobster for the next month. In this area, the most popular way to cook lobster is to boil them in ocean water – about 10 minutes per pound – until they turn bright red and the antennae are easy to pull off. They are usually served whole. As we always buy way more that we need I have many recipes for leftover lobster meat that I will share with you in the next few blog posts. Today, lets do lobster rolls.

The best lobster roll is always made using a home-made hotdog bun – you can make them yourself or buy them at any good bakery. I order them from our local baker and keep a supply in the freezer. Proper preperation of the roll is important – I like to spread the exterior sides of the roll with garlic butter then toast both sides on the grill or under the broiler. Use them while still warm.

To make the filling combine the chopped lobster meat with a little chopped celery and chopped green onion and mix in mayonnaise (Nova Scotians usually use Miracle Whip). I am sorry I do not have proportions – you will have to do this to taste.

To serve: Line the grilled hotdog roll with chopped iceberg lettuce (I understand from my chef friends that iceberg lettuce is trendy again) fill with the lobster mixture and serve with a salad or fries.

If you are planning to ordering lobster for the holiday season one of the best suppliers in Nova Scotia and the one we use –  Ryer & Ryer Lobster Limited Indian Harbour, just down the road from The Bay Hammock Company in Seabright. They ship world wide.

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