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EarthFriendly Rope Hammock and Hammock Swing

Handmade in Canada by the skilled artisans at The Bay Hammock Company, a member of the Atlantic ÉconoMusée Network of fine artisan workshops.

Kicking Back in Our EarthFriendly Hammock

Kicking Back in Our EarthFriendly Hammock

The Rope:

Made from fibre manufactured using 100% recycled plastic. It is strong as polyester yet soft as cotton, a unique, EarthFriendly rope.

The Spreader Bar:

We use FSC certified Ecoforestry wood from Wind Horse Farm in Bridgewater, NS:


The wood is finished with organic flax seed oil from Fox Mill in Paddy’s Head, not far from our shop in Seabright Nova Scotia.

To Buy call 1.888.820.3045 or visit:bayhammocks


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The View From My Hammock Chait

The View From My Hammock Chair

Hello Bay Hammocks,

I find myself in the need of a second chair hammock.  After installing the first red one, I constantly find myself in the scenario of “if I move my feet, I lose my seat” …. to the kids.  That chair hammock has become the the focal point of my cottage.  Family and guests alike place themselves in the swing as soon as they arrive.  Being on an island in the middle of the lake, friends join me every morning for coffee, at which point the feud begins as to who gets that seat of honor.  It is so comfortable and therefore all of the other chairs become situated around it.  It’s placement allows for a great view of the sunsets from my deck, feet up and a beer in hand.  Can’t get any better than that.   So!  I need a second one please … one for me!  Forest green and made of nylon.  What can you do for me?

Kevin Richardson

For more testimonials see: http://www.bayhammocks.com/testimonials

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hanging chairs

hanging chairs

Many people ask what the difference is between a hammock chair, a hammock swing and a hanging chair.The answer? Their really is little difference, although you will find many versions of a hanging chair. I can remember when we used to hang wicker tub chairs in our livingroom, (it was a 60s thing!). Today there is a product called an air chair – cannot figure this one out, but it does not look very comfortable to me. Hammock chairs are great. You can swing in them or curl up to read a book while the chair hugs your body close. We use a hanging chair and a hammock porch swing in our shop as seating in our “”conference room”. We have pretty informal meetings at the Bay Hammock Company, but they are exciting enough that no one falls asleep.

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