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As I look out the window our hammock is filling with falling leaves and the gray sky is threatening rain.  Sad to say hammock time is coming to an end in Nova Scotia and soon for those of you to the south of us. Our shop is now on reduced hours and we are busy making rope for next season. Drop in if you are in the Peggy’s Cove Area.

Here are some storage tips to keep your hammock in great condition.

  • I like to wash our hammock before I put it away. Do this in the bathtub. Use a mild soap, I use dishwashing liquid, and swish around to remove as much dirt as possible.
  • Wipe the wooden spreader bars to remove the dirt. Rinse very well.
  • Lay out on the grass or driveway until totally dry. Do not store your hammock while still damp.
  • Store in a dry spot free of critters. We can make hammocks that can stand a lot but not squirrels, mice and other small creatures.
  • If you have a hanging kit, wipe it well to remove grit and store with your hammock.
  • If you have one of our hammock pillows it is likely made of tough and durable Sunbrella@ fabric. Simply wipe it well with a damp cloth and store in a dry spot.
  • I like to store everything together to make it easy to find and re-install the hammock next spring.

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